Participating Restaurants


Didn't see your favorite restaurants on our menu?

Tell us and we will try to make it happen!


Reach hungry students who don't have the time to walk to your location. 

Make your food a weekday go-to and promote your brand!



attract business

Just a few restaurants are on our menu each day. With the added convenience of getting food dropped off on campus at the beginning of lunch hours, students will be sure to give your food a try.

brand promotion

We pass on your brand. Whether it's in the app or on the bag, we make sure your logos are visible. Students getting Foodrop know exactly which restaurant their new favorite meal came from, and so will their friends.


trusted partnership

Precise delivery and professional food presentation. We train our drivers to impress because we know they represent Foodrop as well as you. Predetermined routes ensure the fastest possible delivery so your food is as fresh as possible.