A few words before you study abroad

As you are excited about your new journey, here are some advice to help you make the most of it. 1. Get out of your comfort zone. Hangout with students from other countries as much as you can. Exchange ideas and work as groups. You will be amazed how much it helps broaden your horizon and change your understanding of the world. 2. Learn how to sell your self. As most Chinese students are modest and not as outspoken as students from western culture, sales skills help you achieve your goals easier, either during interviews or in daily life. Be honest and confident. Work harder to get yourself prepared at all times. 3. Networking always helps. Reach out to people proactively through alumni network, LinkedIn or simply speaking to people at any occasions. Learn from their experience and advice, and think it through. Miracles will happen once you have done a lot, and later in your career you will realize connections are essential to success. 4. Never give up. There will be a lot of frustrations and obstacles, but always believe that you are making progress. Be patient and optimistic, and keep fighting. Good things come to people who never give up.